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Protect Your Family and Pets from Ticks in the Yard!

Ticks are prevalent here in the Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake areas and are just as serious in terms of causing disease and illness as mosquitoes. They can spread Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Did you know that ticks do not jump or fly? They wait on the ground, in leaf or brush piles and other low vegetation and attach to the feet or shoes of people or animals as they pass by. Click here to learn more about these yard invaders!

Thankfully, Mosquito Squad of Lake Country offers a robust tick control program that helps to protect you, your family and your pets from tick-borne diseases. Call us today with any questions or to schedule your service. We can be reached at 434 676 2250. We also serve Clarksville, South Hill, Farmville, Kenbridge, Victoria and Blackstone.

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