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Absolutely the best thing that happened to summer!! Mosquito Squad!!!
To rid my home and porches of spiders and mosquitoes and you can sit outside
without these pests that can ruin your day and night!
No worry with Mosquito Squad. I am so glad that I found them and they found me!!

from Lucy C.

“Your services make lake living so much more enjoyable!”
from Diane R.

“They are efficient, great quality of work and product, professional, reliable and courteous.
It is so great to sit on our deck, porch, patio and dock without spider webs and mosquitoes all over the place. Great job guys!!”

from cmomsied

“Your services work!!!!! It is really comfortable to work in my yard and sit on my porch now. I’d say 90% of the mosquitoes are gone within my barrier spray area. I’m so happy I signed up with you.”
from Ann S.

“Thanks guys for all you do at our place. We, as well as our family of Goldendoodles are so happy that they can play in our yard without worrying about all the creepy crawlies.”
from Sandy P.

“Thank You!! Your service is great!! No bugs. We can actually enjoy being outside in the evenings.”
from Mary Ann T.

“I can tell the BIGGEST difference from last year to this as far as the spiders, mosquitoes and ticks go. Less spider webbing on all my doors & windows. No spider sightings in the house either! I am very happy with this service!”
from Thomas B.

“Thank you for great service and it works – no mosquitoes!”
from Dale W.

“We have had a home at Lake Gaston for 4 years… Love everything but the mosquitoes and the spiders! My neighbor told me about Mosquito Squad… I just had my first treatment 2 weeks ago. All I can say is “Where Have You Been”? It is great! No problems with mosquitoes but my favorite is no spiders or spider webs! Spiders terrify me! All gone! No webs to clean and no spiders to freak over! It is great!! Thank you Mosquito Squad! I highly recommend them, the products and their excellent customer service!"
from Debra Z.

“Great Service…. you can count on Mosquito Squad!!”
from Nancy M.

“We could tell a lot of difference after you sprayed. Again, thanks! You made it much more enjoyable sitting outside.”
from Charlene S.

“Five Stars”
from Kevin R.

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