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Tired of walking into webs? Spending too many hours removing webs from your dock? Finally – there is a solution! Mosquito Squad of Lake Country can treat the exterior of your home and dock for mosquitoes, ticks and spiders. Spend your weekends relaxing – not cleaning up after spiders!

The majority of spiders are harmless. They create unsightly webs at your home and on your dock and leave their droppings everywhere but typically do not pose a threat to you or your families. There are two spiders around Lake Gaston, Kerr Lake and surrounding counties that are poisonous however, and can cause harm. They are the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. In our work on the lake, we do not see them on the docks usually (all though, they can be there). We typically see them in fire wood piles, around brush piles, under/around rocks and under tarps or grill covers and around homes that have unkempt landscaping or piles of junk.

The Black Widow’s venom is a neurotoxin, which attacks your nervous system. These spiders prefer dark, protected habitats and typically work their web at night. A bite generally is characterized by slight swelling and two, tiny fang marks with pain being felt immediately.

The Brown Recluse spins its irregular web in undisturbed areas. Interestingly, the web is not used to ensnare its prey but rather used as a retreat for the spider. If bitten, you may feel an immediate stinging sensation or this reaction could be delayed up to 8 hours. A bite from this spider results in necrosis or dead tissue, resulting in an ulcerating type sore. A small blister may appear initially and the surrounding tissue will appear red and swollen. This will be followed by the tissue sloughing away leaving an open sore or ulcer.

We suggest being extra careful when picking up fire wood for your fire pit or uncovering your grill/removing tarps as these are favorite hiding places for both types of spider. Use caution when opening your crawl space doors too – this area is a particular favorite for the Black Widow. If you get bit, please seek medical attention. If you are able to save the spider, take it with you for positive identification by medical staff. Below is a picture of both a Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.

Mosquito Squad of Lake Country serves areas in both Virginia and North Carolina including Lake Gaston, Kerr Lake, Clarksville, South Hill, Farmville, Kenbridge, Victoria and Blackstone. Call us today to get scheduled at 434-676-2250

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